Lost — A film about a first step

Lost is a project we took on in June of 2019. We had the opportunity to use a massive office space in Broomfield, CO and it certainly presented a daunting challenge. Since the film thematically revolved around one’s personal relationship with a metaphoric darkness, the space needed to be dark. There was a great deal of light pouring in from over thirty 10 foot long windows in the space, and in that we had to find a way to cheaply cut out as much of that light as possible in order to compliment the thematic direction we were striving for. Under a strict time crunch, our solution was taping over one hundred 20 gallon black trashbags to cover all of the windows in the space. It was definitely rediculous but that was our best idea in the moment, so we went with it! We ended up spending the entire night before the shoot covering the windows and in hindsight was certainly something we should have factored in when originally considering the space.

I will always remember this project as a test of patience, and a lesson of thoroughly investigating the locations I choose to shoot in. Despite the challenges, I do think back with fond memories of the rediculousness of our efforts and the sheer will it took to get the look we wanted. 

The dance in this piece was choreographed by Lanea Blackburn. 

Directed by Cam Burke
Filmed by Cam Burke and JD Byrne 
Edited by Cam Burke
Colored by Cam Burke 

Summer — A relationship between community and the inevibility of loneliness

Summer is a project that we made in August of 2019. The film was shot in one day on a ranch northeast of Boulder. We wanted to achieve an exaggerated blooming effect on the highlights to communicate a dream-like feeling. The project is a blurring of reality ultimately working to juxtapose our inherent desire for connection to other human beings with that of the fact that we are naturally indipendent organisms who enter this world alone and will leave this world alone.

In order to get the blooming effect, we literally just rubbed vaseline on a 79’’ tiffen screw-on filter over the lense. It definitely didn’t look exactly how we wanted, but it still distorted our image enough to communicate the overall effect.

This project represented a failure in getting the look we truly wanted, but a success in taking a risk. At the end of the day we had to move forward and make the most out of the resources we did have, which I take as a valuable lesson learned for future projects.

The dance in this piece was choreographed by Lanea Blackburn.

Directed by Cam Burke and Gustav Solis
Filmed by Gustav Solis and Cam Burke
Edited by Cam Burke and Gustav Solis
Colored by Gustav Solis and Cam Burke

Fitsnack — Our first attempt at “make it look like a Nike Ad” 

Fitsnack was our first client for fruits and veggies films. Their product is a subscription-based box of healthy foods that get delivered to your door-step bi-weekly. They are a new company and we were highly conscious of creating a piece for them that was acutely informed of their core brand values that we deemed to be: healthy, inspired, and disruptive. Being the naive and idealistic kiddos that we somehow still are, we wanted to pursue a “Nike Ad” direction for this one. The project ended up being filmed at the end of November 2019 in a bunch of different locations all across the Front Range. We had a lot of fun with it and given this was our first project for a real client, we certainly had to grow much more accustomed to client revisions. We survived it though and are happy we got the opportunity to work with Fitsnack. 

Directed by Evan Grainger
Filmed by Cam Burke
Edited by Evan Grainger
Colored by Cam Burke
Produced by Ky Lotte